Nutrition Consulting for Brides and Their Bridal Parties

My Story

For the past decade, Jessica Hochstadt has made nutrition her priority. Her comprehensive understanding of food, nutrition, and behavior change techniques allow her to connect with each of her clients and set measureable nutrition goals that are both life changing and achievable. She has published articles in leading nutrition journals as well as bridal magazines covering the importance of a healthy diet. At a time where our world, media, and kitchen cupboards have become overly saturated with misinformation about nutrition, Jessica brings the simplicity back to a field that has sustained us through life. For information about Jessica’s academic and professional backgrounds, please visit www.JessicaHochstadt.com.

My name is Jessica and I'm the founder of
I Do Nutrition ™

My objective is to provide you with all the expertise you need to reach your dieting and nutrition goals in time for your wedding day.


Our Philosophy

Together with a team of registered dietitians, we use a holistic approach to nutrition that includes meal planning, whole foods, behavior change and lifestyle modification to make sure you are the best and healthiest version of yourself before exchanging vows. I Do Nutrition™ is the perfect step towards building a healthy home and future for you and your loved ones. It also happens to be the best and safest way to meet your health goals by the time you walk down the isle.

The program that caters to brides and their bridal parties, on their schedule.
For more information about our services and program, please email idonutrition@gmail.com. It’s not too early to say . . .

"I Do!"

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